Sanskrit Not just language….

you can find it everywhere….,

Sanskrit is called the mother of all languages. If you talk about any one of the famous languages of the world, then you will definitely find Sanskrit words in it. The words of the language are found, I have understood about it. Sanskrit language affects 97% of the world’s languages. Sanskrit language is considered to be the oldest language, it is estimated to be 5000 to 5500 years old, it is considered the world’s purest clear and It is said that a sentence in a Sanskrit can be completed with as few words as possible. It is not possible in other languages that how old the Sanskrit language is, it can be inferred from this that it contains 102 billion 78 million 50 lakh words have been used so far, which is the highest of any language, in 1987, Forbes magazine gave Sanskrit the perfect language for coding and not only that, and the 5th The 6th computer generation is also in Sanskrit Coding will be done. Today, the algorithms that are used in Sanskrit for solving mathematical problems in Sanskrit are being used as coding and in future also means by 2025 -2035. To make computers more advanced, Sanskrit will be used for coding in them, now if I talk about space when NASA has a message to contact my people during the ongoing mission in space. Due to which it was turned upside down due to which communication was not being done completely, in such a situation, when the message was sent by Sanskrit language, it was very easy to read them. Since then, the message has been sent to Sanskrit, NASA has also accepted it. That he has more than 60000 manuscripts of Sanskrit or research on which he wants to know the mystery of the beginning of man which is possible only by Sanskrit because Sanskrit is the oldest language. Sanskrit is not merely a language that emulates the sound of the cosmic mind that conducts all the natural process in the universe. As clear as Sanskrit is in crystal, it is also good for your health, it keeps your blood pressure cholesterol and nervous system always healthy. Only culture is the only language that when spoken, the full use of all the meat muscles of the human tongue It is said that a person’s memory is sharpened because of how to pronounce the words spoken by Sanskrit, the effect of vibrations resulting from them is nothing short of a miracle. The most powerful word according to Sanskrit language is considered to be the last, Om is a sound pervading the universe which was first pronounced by Sanskrit and they named it Om…..✍️

Who is in whom…..

Where are we….

This Galaxy, space, and universe according to astronomy and all this theory which belong to earth and out of the earth i feel we all are not just connect… i mean to say just look at the space and this all things how are the similar, and there’s shap how this that much big thing have the same structure. The Moon is an average of 238,855 miles away from Earth but did you know this our brain nervous are the same in length 238,855 miles. Now some people think this is just one thing, but did you ever know that, we have two eyes each composed of 130 million photoreceptor cells. in each one of those cells, there are 100,000,000,000,000 (100 trillion) atoms more then all the Stars in the our milky way galaxy. However each atom in each cell in each eye formed in the core of the star. billion of year ago and yet all the expand the consciousness that is you. most of people know big bang happn 13.8 billion year ego and They were flaking crude stone tools by 2.5 million years ago. But With somewhat less certainty, most scientists think that people who look like us anatomically modern Homo sapiens evolved by at least 130,000 years ago from ancestors who had remained in Africa. This all the thing make this subject more interesting. How can this small things can be same to that much big things. Now just try to think how they are connected, i always think may be as we able to use as much as of brain we are able to explore this universe with the same amount. In our whole life we use only 10% of it so may be we only explore 10% of this universe. According to astronomy, we have been able to detect only a very small part of the universe, As if we have not been able to get complete information about some parts of our body right now, we are trying to research them and know them and how the brain works whol life nonstop….. i believe all this inside connect to our outside. If I talk about the more small living inside our body what is the time and life cycle for them, is that same 24 hours. and is there time moving very slow or fast i mean how……. Is that they did something to kno about us and may be we have no idea and if i am taking about out of the universe Is time passing for them as well as for us. If you that much read about universe if there is something happens in universe we can’t feel it on the same time or even same year, it takes lots of time and may be its empact us very slowly and we didn’t feel. Do you know that the starlight reaching us is 70 to 80 years old, this means that the stars seen every night are 70 to 80 years old for us. and some of part still very secret who change everything, yes I’m taking about black hole, its can change the time, speed of light and its meaning is totally changed. I think we have not yet been fully successful in knowing how such a small thing happening in us is so accurately related to such big things in the universe.There are also many mysteries waiting for us when we reach them and uncover them and how can we connect them all to each other which answers our question about who is in whom. #creativeinnervoice #astronomy #universe #galaxy

My Space…..🧘

Finally its me…..,

Me…. I think the one word with two letter meaning is so deep but today’s life day by day we lost. Today my thoughts about on a space, a time, a moment. when nothing in mind about daily life, out of strass. I am not told you that you have to need one room or you have to be alone but find the time every day for when you just out of the network, not connection with anyone and feel whats going on with you, that moment what’s first thing you want to do, i believe if we did something like this every day, after a time we find something which is very unique about yourself, and why we make every day. I think this space must be spical on sunday and weekend. let see what you feel when your not connected with anyone only you that is only… me(🧘myself🧘). To earn money this is basic part of life we have to work for it but remember you are using money, money is not using you, this time, this life is your so why we not make one little space….. i believe this things give you one of the most beautiful feeling… so what are you waiting for let’s try…. once, for you……..✍️

One person’s creatively…. engage Thousands of people….✍️

Now A Days

Hey….! here im with the new topic and observations, i give 5hours to this social media im watch video in youtube, which relate to me watching funny video using face book… browsing i think this are very common but one thing i notice.. now a day we give to much time to them i am not say.. stop to watch but what is happening.. one person’s or a group who do something creative and really appreciated work we watch them and enjoying, may be we inspired. and definitely he earne some payout form this. he getting famous, people love him, im not told, that he not deserve this, he deserves what he is, but my point is that what about us who are watching this and give there 4-5hour minimum in a day…. and this ratio expand every week. So tell me there is one group or creator, they doing ther work, but what is the result about the time which we are given every day, where we are going, and why we never try to change this, and today we are on that stage we think about and Idea and i was just like a thought. End of the time i was just dream because we engage our self too much with this, and such a horrible thing, we are getting unproductive day by day. Those persons who are creative the find new idea, i mean just see the changes improvement, and that’s make more engage our self day by day. and what about our improvement, this is about the time that we are given without any payout. so tell me why… why we can’t manage all this. why one creator engage more then 1000 of people, why this 1000 people not be the one, everything has an update better and if i talk about us… sorry but there’s nothing then we change cell phone dp, and 3g to 4g to getting engaged more then last. wherever i see people around me there cell screen is on and they’re just swip and swip and swip.Why we are not able to notice this. if this is true so change is never possible, we need to change why we can’t be the one who engage other, why our time never given us output which feels like we are doing something, why our productivity getting loss. where are we…. Lets find……✍️

Distraction & Attraction

Life is change between this two words, Distraction To attraction

#My inner voice

Things are not different.. the different is creat when we take and give out put. this to words have same meaning if u ask me distraction and attractions both are the stage of attention of your mind, the present of mind… distraction is about we give time to this but feels like i west my time feeling guilty or feeling like, something more good i can did on this time, feels like out of way which have no meanings. and with attraction is also about we give time, but at that moment you feeling like this must me missing its make me more, this must be i have to add. in this both case our time, and mind have on same stage but the different is hows we feels after the end of the session of this. im not telling you all the time to feels i exactly about this, but trust me its very important to notice what we taking inside our mind, not all the time but try. This all the small thing make you, notice your every move. After a time you are able to know what is the distraction or attraction. So what are you waiting for…..✍️ #thought of the day #feeling inside #innervoice

Time to learn

Help to feels stress free

From last few days I feel like something is missing this thing is happening with most of people, it may be symptoms of depression or stress in your life. what is the solution of this… well i try to learn something new which relates to me but not to me… yes this is little confusing statement, but believe be all the time to learn something, its not important it must be help you to be more in social or professional. Sometime its good to be learnt just for make your self little confidence and positive, im not telling you to forget your important task and all but this is better way to be in stress or depress. Now what we choose this is if you can relate my blog to you so i suggest you to think about your hobbies or you skill. start with only 10min and make it continues. if you continue this im sure you better then last. So why are you waiting, Lets start……✍️ #learning #stress solution #my blog #thought of the day

justice for nirmala

nepal police need 2 year to solve this rape case, sorry but im glad to see how strong you are still normal and find the excuse to avoid this i thik you all don’t have doughter and monther, so this is not your fault because you dont have any idea how her mother feels every day and every second and her whole family… how painful is this you all are don’t have any idea to see you kid like this….. how can u be after see this all victim but still her family fight for this to justice for her daughter… she raped and murdered. her book her pan her slipper in mud… and he have only tshirt on her body…. after having this all still Nepal policy and this system need time to solve this case… can’t believe this how can the still alive I don’t think so this people still alive the are dead and god will never forgive you…. you all are pay for this.. you have to pay for every minute every second every cry for her month her family and all the people who fight from last 2 years….. and her soul you have no idea….. #justiceforNirmala

The cycle of life

The cycle of life……✍️

Todays life… seriously i don’t know how the people take this but if you ask me this whole life about the finght between expectations Vs disappointment, every time ever day we are in this but we dont realise there are very rare people, how can handle this and live like free bird… this 2 words are connected. If i talk about in case of 1st we expect and try and after of try and all the efforts we get so we happy but after little time we start new expectation and as always next this expection change and we not get what we want so we become disappoint and take next step. Try with new way may be in some case people change the plan and some work on the same… but if we see this, you noticed as fast as we expect as the same we disappoint.. so my question is this, is this really we wish to be… if i talk about 400 year ago people has some expectations but that time this cycle was slow… with the less energy and effort… so just thing is that we need to break this cycle or need to change, or as the common people did go with the flow…… choice is your……✍️